Many environments may overlook training and its impact on the work process. But there is a fact that on-the-job training can make a huge difference in your business. You may be wondering how education has such an impact on our professional and personal development? We are here to introduce you to the impact of on-the-job training and staying up to date in the business world.

یادگیری مادام‌العمر ابزاری ضروری برای هر شغل و سازمانی است. اهمیت یادگیری، در ارتقای عملکرد انسان نهفته است. یادگیری، آموزشی است که منجر به تغییر رفتار می‌شود.

پیتر درآکر: “باید این واقعیت را بپذیریم که یادگیری یک فرایند مادام‌العمر برای آگاهی از تغییرات است. و مهم‌ترین کار این است که به مردم آموزش دهید که چگونه یاد بگیرند.”

چگونه آموزش روی کسب و کار و ارتقاء ما تاثیر می‌گذارد؟

درواقع شما با آموزش مداوم و پیگیر، خودتان و کسب و کارتان را به روز نگه می‌دارید. دنیای امروز لحظه به لحظه به‌روز می‌شود و اطلاعات جدیدی را به خود اضافه می‌کند. اینکه شما در زمینه کاری خود به‌روز باشید و اطلاعات خود را افزایش دهید قدم بزرگی در ارتقا شما به‌شمار می‌رود.

فرض کنید شما برای یک فرصت شغلی خود را آماده می‌کنید. اگر شما در این زمینه اطلاعات به‌روز و مفید داشته باشید، قطعا از بسیاری از افراد باتجربه که در زمینه شغلیتان با شما رقابت می‌کنند اما از دنیا و اخبار جدید کسب و کار خبر ندارند، جلوتر هستید.

همه این پیشرفت‌ها و قدم‌هایی که برای کسب و کار و زندگیتان لازم است، در آموزش و یادگیری مداوم چه به صورت فردی و چه تیمی گنجانده شده است. شما می‌توانید آموزش را به صورت فردی فرا بگیرید. نوع دیگری از آموزش که امروزه در بسیاری از محیط‌های کاری به آن توجه می‌شود، آموزش سازمانی یا همان آموزش در محیط کار است.

If you are a person who manages an organization or you are a business environment manager, I suggest you increase your knowledge about organizational training or on-the-job training. This is no longer a necessity for your business. Because many organizations and work environments entered this field and are increasing their knowledge in their field of expertise day by day.

Learning * Transfer = Results

Workplace training

Specify exactly what you want to improve

First you need to determine in what areas you want to take a step forward and make progress. In fact, you define your goal of learning and the context in which you want to add information.

By doing this, you focus your focus on your goal. We suggest you start with the broad basics of your industry and focus on the discussions you are curious about.

Try to read more than before. You can choose from sources such as the Harvard Business Review . It is also helpful to read blogs that are relevant to your business and industry. In addition, you can join virtual environments and communities and participate in discussions that take place between your colleagues. Also, attending conferences or training courses held in the field of your business can help you a lot to promote yourself and your business.

For example, business training and promotion courses recently conducted by Sabzeh Sazan Pars Iman Company have helped many people in this field. Most of the people who attended these courses increased their ability to train and analyze their business. Also, with the advice they received from the collection experts after the course, they progressed day by day in their work environment.

Dedicating half an hour a day to these tasks and on-the-job training can ultimately be a big step for you and your business.

A culture of learning to see and learn continuously for managers

A successful and capable manager encourages his employees to train and learn new skills. He provides everything he needs to train his staff. In fact, it can be said that a successful organization is one in which all the people present have access to all the learning opportunities.

If you are a manager, I suggest you start planning for the growth of your organization right now. You can set aside time to actively learn new skills to get started and take a step forward. For example, you can devote one hour a week to your employees in the last hours of the day to training and holding a useful training course.

Another useful activity that can bring you and your organization one step closer to success is reading business books, listening to webinars, or practicing new skills. These activities are beneficial for both a manager and the staff of a collection. To have a dynamic, lively and active environment, you can have these activities at a specific time with your employees and colleagues.

We also suggest that you encourage everyone in your collection to share their knowledge with others. All of this emphasis that we have on continuous learning and training is essential for everyone in the organization, whether manager or employee.

The importance of on-the-job training for all employees in an organization

As we have said, progress in an organization or work environment depends on continuous learning, updating and increasing the capabilities of individual employees of a group. In this case, and by creating a training habit in the workplace, a positive change will take place that will bring you one step closer to your goal.

All managers and business owners should consider learning in the workplace as one of the main goals of the human resources department for all colleagues. This goal setting allows each and every member of the team, and ultimately the entire team, to move toward success and progress. All co-workers need to plan for and learn from the workplace so that they can achieve the organization’s goals.

If we all take responsibility for these things, there will definitely be a better ground for our growth and development.

Workplace training

Training resources and how to grow and learn daily

Now that we have introduced you to the benefits of personal and workplace training, here are some training resources and how to learn on a daily basis.

Various resources for teaching and learning:

Read online magazines and articles.

• Analyze and critique case studies.

• Subscribe to publications with your favorite topics.

Take time to connect with a global network of people using Skype, social media and email.

• Attend training courses and events.

• Listen to podcasts and watch TED movies.

How to learn something new every day:

• Plan for your time and get in the habit of reading

• Build a network of experts and ask questions

Become a member of your work-related community and start working online.

• Learn by teaching someone else.

• Do research and research

• Attend training courses, conferences and seminars

• Learn online

• Go to the library and look at the shelves.

• See what is happening around you.

• Evaluate and reflect on what you have learned.

Apply what you have learned.

Finally always have a curious mind. Explore different topics and do not be afraid to ask for transparency. Surely in the path you have taken, you will find people who will help and support you in your journey. Experiment, try new things. Keep moving. Keep learning and keep thinking. In order to finally leave the number with hope, we have collected some inspiring and famous quotes from the elders for you.

To contact us and get advice from collection experts, you can follow the link:

  • “Intellectual development must begin at birth and stop only at death,” said Albert Einstein.
  • Riley King: “The beauty of learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
  • Brian Tracy: “They do not stop our problems, they teach us.”
  • Dr. Soos: “The more you read, the more you will know, the more you will learn, the more places you will travel.
  • Kirk Douglas: “The learning process continues until the day a person dies.
  • Alvin Toffler: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who can not learn, have not learned and do not seek to learn again.


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